These 8 K-Pop Groups Have The Best Synchronization, According To Experts

#3 is particularly known for this.

While countless K-Pop groups are known for their incredible choreography skills, there are a few that rise to the top due to how synchronized the members are. And while some of these groups have just a few members, making synchronization easier, some of them are quite large!

Here are the 8 most synchronized K-Pop groups in the industry, according to experts. Note that these groups aren’t in any particular order!


Despite being one of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop in terms of members, LOONA is also known as one of, if not the, most synchronized girl groups as well! In fact, when a synchronized swimmer ranked who they believe are the best at this in the industry, they ranked LOONA at #2.

On top of being highly synchronized, the way they interact and perform their intricate choreographies is described as very satisfying to watch by fans. They even sync up well when they walk! When studied using a computer analysis, their overall synchronization was calculated to be an incredible 94.72%.

2. BTS

BTS’s choreographies are unique in that they vary quite a bit between more contemporary style to more of a hip-hop style, which are vastly different types of dancing. Even though the members all have their own unique styles, the way their formations are made and how they interact with each other makes their dances very cohesive.

Though their computer analysis calculation, at 87.77%, is lower than the other groups on this list, considering that the members all have such individual styles of dancing makes this a still very impressive number!


Even though SEVENTEEN has the most members on this list — 13 total — they are arguably one of, if not the, most synchronized boy groups in the industry. They’ve even been called the “Kings of Synchronization”, and the synchronized swimmer mentioned earlier ranked SEVENTEEN at the very top of their list!

And the computer analysis doesn’t lie either. With a score of 95.77%, SEVENTEEN, despite their many members and extremely difficult choreographies, is mathematically proven to have the highest score on this list.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that ITZY is on this list, given that they’re known as a “dance-oriented” group with several members whose best skills are arguably in dancing. In terms of synchronization, the synchronized swimmer mentioned earlier ranked ITZY at #3!

They’re known to perform both hard, sharp movements, as well as slower ones, in perfect time with each other. When studied using a computer analysis, their accuracy was calculated to be 94.42%!

5. Stray Kids

Though Stray Kids is considered by some to have slightly “simpler” dances than some other boy groups, this by no means is calling their dances easy, and they’re known for putting immense and explosive energy into their choreographies that only they are known for. And thanks to their less technical dances, they have a high level of synchronization due to the members with less dance experience being able to keep up well.

Stray Kids is also known especially for their unique and complex formations, which aren’t easy to pull off! Through mathematical analysis, their synchronization accuracy is calculated to be around 92.71%.

6. Aespa

Though the members of aespa all still have their own distinct styles of dancing, they still manage to be very in sync with each other! Not to mention, their choreographies are far from easy as well (like the tutting in “Next Level”!), which makes this even more impressive.

They even received the “Best Dance Performance Female Group” at the 2021 Mnet Music Awards, which should speak for itself.


The second-largest K-Pop girl group on this list, TWICE can’t be left out when talking about synchronization. Not only do they sync well in their dances themselves, but they’re also praised for how well they sync up with their formations.

Though their ranking through computer analysis isn’t as high as some others on this list, it’s still at 92.77%, which is amazing for a nine-member group with such height differences among the members! They’ve also peaked in synchronization all the way up to 95%. They’re a group that clearly works well together.

8. NCT 127

Among the groups on this list, NCT 127 is arguably most known for how clean and precise their dancing is. This is especially impressive since they have a heavily hip-hop inspired style that usually involves more freestyling, and they have some of the most complex choreographies in the industry as well.

As another large K-Pop group, with up to 9 members performing at a time, the mathematical analysis of their dancing calculated to be 91.98% is very impressive.