These Are The 10 Tallest Third Generation Female K-Pop Idols Who Have Legs For Days

Several of them are their groups’ maknaes!

Recently we took a look at some of the tallest K-Pop boy group idols of the third generation, and today we’ll be doing the same for girl group idols! The following ten ladies have long awed fans with their gorgeous proportions and elegance, and though some are more active in the industry than others, they all deserve to be recognized! Here are the top 10 tallest third generation female K-Pop idols.

10. Karin (ELRIS)

Born on January 5, 2002, Karin is the lead vocalist, rapper, and maknae of ELRIS, and at 19 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!

9. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Born on June 14, 1999, Tzuyu is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, visual, and maknae of TWICE, and at 22 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!

8. Dajeong (HASHTAG)

Born on August 8, 1995, Dajeong is the leader, main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and visual of HASHTAG, and at 26 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!

7. Solji (EXID)

Born on January 10, 1989, Solji is the leader and main vocalist of EXID, and at 32 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!

6. Eunbin (CLC)

Born on January 6, 2000, Eunbin is the sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, face of the group, and maknae of CLC, and at 21 years old, she’s 171cm (5’7.5″) tall!

5. Eunseo (Cosmic Girls)

Born on May 27, 1998, Eunseo is the vocalist and rapper of Cosmic Girls, and at 23 years old, she’s 172cm (5’7.5″) tall!

4. Hyejeong (AOA)

Born on August 10, 1993, Hyejeong is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual, and center of AOA, and at 28 years old, she’s 172cm (5’7.5″) tall!

3. Subin (HASHTAG)

Born on September 30, 1998, Subin is the main dancer and lead vocalist of HASHTAG, and at 23 years old, she’s 172cm (5’7.5″) tall!

2. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Born on December 4, 1999, Doyeon is the lead dancer, lead vocalist, visual, and center of Weki Meki, and at 21 years old, she’s 173cm (5’8″) tall!

1. Sowon (former GFRIEND)

Born on December 7, 1995, Sowon was the leader, vocalist, and visual of GFRIEND, and at 25 years old, she’s 173cm (5’8″) tall!