TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits BTS’s Jimin Has Ever Worn

Jimin fans: Prepare to faint!

1. White Fur & Tattoos

During his 2014 MAMA performance, Jimin made an impression with his fur coat, torso tattoo, and tight white pants.


2. Black Suit & Choker

Jimin gave his audience a sizzling show in his sexy black button-up, glamourous choker necklace, and black pants.


3. Striped Blouse & Leather Pants

Jimin’s plunging neckline draws all eyes to his triangle of skin, and his leather pants highlight his athletic thighs.


4. Satin Shirt & Dress Pants

Jimin managed to look both sexy and gentlemanly in this classy black ensemble.


5. Blazer & Black Tee

Jimin stole the shows when he revealed the simple black T-shirt beneath his white-trimmed, black blazer.


6. Golden Vest, White Shirt, & Jeans

In this outfit, Jimin rocked three different styles: glam, classic, and casual.


7. Black, Short-Sleeved Button-Up, & Jeans

Jimin has been showing off his abs since BTS’s “No More Dream” era, but fans haven’t gotten sick of it yet! In these photos, Jimin bared his six-pack while performing in this dark-colored ensemble.


8. Orange-Lined Coat & Mesh Shirt

Jimin doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination in this slightly see-through tank top. His coat’s liner adds a flattering splash of color that matches well with his blonde hair.


9. Leather Jacket & Red Tee

Again with the abs, Jimin? Well, okay! Jimin seems to be channeling his inner biker in this classic leather jacket, leather pants, and printed T-shirt.


10. Black Rain Coat & Shorts

This plastic outfit does not look comfortable to wear, but on Jimin it looks fabulous!