These Are The TOP 20 K-Pop Groups Right Now…Some May Surprise You

These 20 K-Pop acts are becoming more popular every day!

20. Oh My Girl

This WM Entertainment girl group debuted in 2015 with their Oh My Girl mini-album. Their bright, cheery song “Banana Allergy” quickly became a hit after its April release.


19. BtoB

This boy group debuted in 2012 under Cube Entertainment and have received multiple awards over the years. Fans love the members’ unique personalities and antics, so it’s no surprise that Eunkwang recently starred in the highest-rated moment of this week’s Law of the Jungle episode


18. Momoland

Momoland has been around since late 2016, but their popularity really began to skyrocket after JooE went viral for her Tropicana dance.


17. Park Hyo Shin

Talented singer Park Hyo Shin rose to fame after appearing on Lee Sora’s Propose. In January, “Sound of Winter” received a certified all-kill, and late April his ballad “The Other Day” rose to the top of the Korean music charts.


16. Hwang Chi Yeul

Hwang Chi Yeul is considered a prince in China and gained popularity through singing shows, such as I Can See Your Voice. Earlier this month, he won first place for his song “The Only Star” on Music Bank.



Some groups come and go, but these kings have been ruling the K-Pop scene for over a decade! BIGBANG‘s members are all currently in the military but their songs, such as “Flower Road”, continue to top charts in their absence.



INFINITE is a boy group that debuted 2010 under Woollim Entertainment. Although fans’ love for this group hasn’t waned over the last eight years, they have gone out of their way to express support for the remaining INFINITE members after Sunggyu enlisted in the miltary this month.



Many BLACKPINK fans consider this group to be one of YG Entertainment‘s most under-appreciated and have been waiting for a comeback since 2017. Even so, BLINKs are fiercely loyal to their girls, so their popularity continues to grow…and a comeback is right around the corner!



This popular girl group was formed by RBW in 2014. They recently performed “Starry Night” for thousands of fans at the 2018 Dream Concert. 


11. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE, a brand new Cube Entertainment girl group, has received a lot of hype since their recent debut. In particular, fans fell head over heels for the group’s leader, Soyeon, after watching her compete on Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar.


10. Bolbbalgan4

This popular duo was formed by Shofar Music in 2016. Prior to their debut, they appeared on Superstar K6 in 2014. Fans who fell in love their Red Diary Page 1 album are anticipating its sequel, Red Diary Page 2, which drops this month.



SEVENTEEN started to gain fans through their reality shows prior to their 2015 debut. The group began appearing on live broadcasts in 2013, in Seventeen TV and later appeared in another reality show, Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan. Seventeen’s latest music video for “CALL CALL CALL” only came out six days ago, but it has already amassed over 2 million views!



This YG Entertainment boy group was formed through the 2013 reality survival program WIN: Who is Next, where they competed as “Team A”. They were given the name “WINNER” after winning all three rounds of public voting and have continued to win hearts ever since. Most recently, they have been gaining even more popularity by performing at various Korean universities.



GFRIEND is a six-member girl group that was formed by Source Music in 2015. Fans immediately fell in love with GFRIEND’s sweet vocals and angelic members. Most recently, GFRIEND has been topping charts with their new hit, “Time of the Moon Night”.


6. Red Velvet

Red Velvet debuted in 2014 with their digital single “Happiness”, and has experienced consistent success and rising popularity since then. The group gained even more attention after becoming one of the first K-Pop acts to perform in North Korea since 2005.


5. EXO

EXO has been one of the top boy groups since 2012 and they aren’t giving up their claim to the throne any time soon. From the very beginning, this group made it clear that they would go global, by promoting as EXO-M in China and EXO-K in Korea. Although EXO, as a whole, hasn’t produced much new content recently, EXO-CBX has been going non-stop with hits such as “Horololo” and “Blooming Day”.



TWICE was formed through the show Sixteen and is currently the most popular girl group in K-Pop. Their songs are bright, catchy, and fun, and their nine members are bursting with personality. What is (not to) love?


3. iKON

iKON first gaining popularity as “Team B” during their time on the reality survival program WIN: Who is Next. Since they released their debut studio album, Welcome Back, they have released hit after hit and show no signs of stopping! BIGBANG fans may be mourning its members’ enlistments, but the group’s current inactivity means even more promotions for YG Entertainment’s other boy groups, including iKON!


2. Wanna One

Wanna One hasn’t even been active for a full year, yet their fandom is enormous! Some of the members, such as NU’EST‘s Minhyun brought an established fanbase with them to Produce 101, but other members began gaining attention during their time on that wildly popular survival show. Since then, the group’s original fans have stayed loyal and they have continued to gain new fans along the way!


1. BTS

BTS currently ranks as the most popular K-Pop band in the world! This news comes as no surprise to anyone who watched them perform at the Billboard Music Awards, or who tried to get tickets to their upcoming world tour, or who have witnessed them smashing record after record. Congrats, BTS!

Source: HeraldPop