AOA confesses to having earned $0 since debuting three years ago

Rising girl group, AOA, confessed to having no lasting income even after three years since debut.

On November 25th, AOA featured as guests on SBS Power FM Cultwo Show and confessed that despite their tight daily schedules, they still don’t have any personal income.

The confession began when DJ Jeong Chan Woo recollected a story of seeing AOA’s Choa at rest stop and how beautiful she was even without makeup. When a radio listener asked why Choa was at a rest stop in bare face, Choa answered, “Since we go to festivals and events almost every day, our members want to sleep as soon as we arrive at our dormitory. So we tend to remove our makeup while traveling. It’s a habit so that we can sleep right away and wake up for next day’s schedule.”

Next, DJ Kim Tae Kyun asked whether AOA’s CEO like to buy them food to keep them fit, AOA’s Ji Min replied, “He bought us beef once.” When he continued to ask if the boss only bought them food once, Choa replied, “He bought us beef once. But last time he gave us pocket money to spend. We still don’t have any personal income. He gives us pocket money so that we can spend some and buy clothes as well.”

Source: Newsen