Brand New Hashtag Gets Dedicated To BTS’s Jungkook — And The Collection Is Your Ultimate Foodie Guide

Thanks, Jungkook and ARMYs!

ARMYs know all too well by now that BTS‘s Golden Maknae Jungkook is a real foodie at heart —

BTS’s Jungkook. | @BigHitEnt/Twitter

— a connoisseur of all things delicious.

And in an undivided attempt to make sure that Jungkook gets his satisfaction, K-ARMYs have started and trended the hashtag #정국아_같이먹짱, which roughly translates to #Jungkook_LetsEatTogether.

| Twitter

Soon peaking on Korea’s most trending list, the tag #정국아_같이먹짱 now threads countless tweets from both Korean and international ARMYs…

| Twitter

… sharing their favorite restaurants and menus for Jungkook to try!

| Twitter

The tweets combined have now become an incredible guide to dining in all parts of Korea…

ARMYs’ restaurant recommendations for Jungkook: A map

— Twitter @yummy_jjk

… not only for Jungkook, but also for his hungry fans!

Talk about social media doing its thing!

Source: THEQOO