Multiple Songs On BTS Jimin’s Upcoming “FACE” Album Deemed Unfit For Broadcast By KBS

One was composed by RM.

Excitement is building as the release date for BTS‘s Jimin‘s first solo album, FACE, comes nearer, with March 24 KST just over the horizon.


The album includes six tracks total, including the pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt.2” and the title track “Like Crazy”. Jimin is credited as a co-writer for five of the songs, and fellow BTS member RM is credited for three.

However, it has recently been revealed that not every song on FACE is deemed suitable for broadcast by KBS. On March 22, reports revealed that the broadcasting company had reviewed each of the songs and had decided that three of them — “Face-Off”, “Like Crazy”, and “Alone” — weren’t suited for broadcast.

In particular, “Face-Off”- one of the songs composed by RM – was considered unfit for broadcast due to inappropriate lyrics that contain slang, curses, and indecent expressions.


Despite this, though, excitement and hype for Jimin’s solo debut album haven’t faded one bit, and it just makes the intrigue for the BTS member’s new music that much stronger for many!


Make sure not to miss the album when it drops on March 24 KST!

Source: News Nate