A Fan Asked BTS About J-Hope’s US Trip, But Suga Only Had This To Say

Suga personally responded to a fan’s question about J-Hope.

J-Hope is flying to Los Angeles, but as of right now, nobody knows why. Or do they?


On August 19, fans spotted J-Hope for the first time since BTS’s extended hiatus began. He arrived at Incheon International Airport with new blonde highlights and nail art, stirring ARMY‘s curiosity.


Everyone has theories about J-Hope’s trip…


…but one fan decided to reach out to BTS themselves. After all, if anyone has answers, it’s J-Hope’s members!

Hey hey do you guys know where Hobi is going??? You can’t go with [J-Hope] right?? I’m going with [J-Hope] to the US. Take care, bye bye

— Fan


Suga didn’t reveal anything about J-Hope’s trip, but he did express his feelings about it using satooori (regional dialect).

Dang I’m jealous

— Suga


It looks like the world will have to wait until J-Hope reveals the details himself, if he chooses to. In the meantime, ARMYs are encouraging each other to respect J-Hope’s personal space and privacy if they happen to run into him.