Fans of “Snowdrop” Trend A Hashtag In Hopes Of Seeing More Of BLACKPINK Jisoo And Jung Hae In’s Chemistry

Actress Jisoo needs to make a comeback (and fans want Hae In at her side)!

It’s no secret that viewers of the recent popular K-Drama Snowdrop loved the chemistry between BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and actor Jung Hae In.

Although it was Jisoo’s acting debut, the two brought immense professionalism to the set and captivated viewers every week with their synergy and portrayal of the emotional storylines.

Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @holyhaein/Instagram

Fans got to see the professionalism through numerous videos of behind-the-scenes footage. Including the iconic kiss scene. A scene that even had BLACKPINK’s Lisa excited, jokingly teasing her member and calling her Kisoo.

Although the passionate kiss left viewers speechless, behind-the-scenes of the filming, fans got to see both Jisoo and Hae In’s goofy friendship, laughing and joking around with each other.

| @JTBC Drama/YouTube

As well as how diligently they tried to map out every movement in the scene, taking notes from the director to try and make the kiss as romantic as possible.

| @JTBC Drama/YouTube

Viewers were also captivated by the actual friendship between the two actors.

They loved all their interactions on social media, specifically Instagram.

| @holyhaein/Instagram

As well as small moments in interviews, like when Hae In proved his status as a BLACKPINK fan.

Jisoo even recently came to support Hae In on the set of his latest movie, Connect, showing the bond between the two.

| @holyhaein/Instagram

But despite the love for the chemistry between the two, Jisoo and Hae In had warned fans from the beginning that they weren’t in for a happy ending.

The episode’s finale, which, spoiler alert, left fans feeling more than slightly emotional, also showed off their acting range. Since Jisoo and Hae In both were able to so profoundly harness the emotions of their characters that the fans felt so deeply.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Which understandably left fans hoping that a happy ending would have been possible for their characters.

This is definitely one of the main reasons fans of the show have taken to Twitter to trend “ROMCOM SERIES FOR HAESOO.”

Of course, “Haesoo” is a ship name made up of Hae In and Jisoo’s names, and viewers are hoping for a romantic comedy between the two, so they can continue not only to show off their undeniable chemistry but their playful banter.

And so the actors, of course, can have their characters have the happy ending that they deserve.

Although fans apparently did not plan to trend “ROMCOM SERIES FOR HAESOO.”

As one Twitter user points out, it’s impossible not to understand the reason behind the trend. Since the two actors so easily got everyone invested in their characters’ relationship.

Some also want to see more chemistry between the actors themselves, already missing their Instagram posts of each other.

While others feel it is a waste to not popularize on the success of the show and the interest of fans.

But as another Twitter user points out, the point of the trend isn’t even to really to achieve getting another series for the two since they can’t be sure that this will achieve anything. But fans can be confident that Jisoo and Hae In will see how much Snowdrop was loved and how grateful they are for all their hard work.