Former 100% Member Changbum Faces Lawsuit After Sending Pornographic Videos and Blackmail Threats To Ex-Girlfriend

He is facing a lawsuit.

Former 100% member Woo Changbum is facing a lawsuit after it was discovered he had been sending pornographic videos along with blackmail threats to his ex girlfriend.

BJ Yeolmae, who was Woo Changbum’s ex girlfriend, filed the complaint with the Seoul Central District Court on October 3 for his violation of the law on sexual crimes of violence.

According to the complaint, BJ Yeolmae and Woo Changbum dated for 2 years, starting in 2016 and ending in June 2018. A month later in July 2018, Woo Changbum sent BJ Yeolmae a message saying how he would clean up his past relationship with her, and erase all of the videos they took together. In the message, he included videos showing the two of them having sex, which made her feel ashamed.

She also is suing him for blackmail and defamation, as she stated that Changbum threatened that the videos could be leaked through KakaoTalk.

Previously, Woo Changbum claimed that the videos were taken with her consent. Currently, Woo Changbum’s side is unable to be reached for a statement.

Woo Changbum debuted in 2012 as part of 100%, but decided to leave the group in 2016. He later re-debuted in the idol group Vermuda, but that group also disbanded. Since then, he has been promoting as a streamer on Afreeca.

Source: Tenasia