Original Inspiration Behind League Of Legends Band K/DA Revealed By Riot Games

The back story behind K/DA has been revealed.

Riot Games revealed the back story of how the League of Legends music group, K/DA, came about.

K/DA is a music group that features LoL champions Ahri, Akali, Kai’sa, and Evelynn. Vocals for the members are sung by (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon and Soyeon, Jaira Burns, and Madison Beer. This virtual group made their debut with the single, POP/STARS, ahead of the 2018 World Championship.


When we were looking at K/DA could be a bit of a challenge, because we knew nothing about making K-Pop music, but at the same time we thought this was a great opportunity to surprise players as far as what we could make for people.

— Toa ‘Iceburg’ Dunn, head of Riot Music


The inspiration for the group started from the virtual Elder Dragon that soared around the bird’s nest at the 2017 Worlds final showdown in China.

The positive response from fans gave the development team the push it needed to create something new to shock fans.

When they found out that the 2018 Worlds was in Korea, and that a lot of Rioters were K-Pop fans, they decided to research more on K-Pop and the industry.


If you’re looking at K-Pop artists currently, you see a trend in empowered women that all feel really strong.

— Laura ‘Nusliful’ Die, K/DA Brand manager


K/DA released “POP/STARS” as a hip-hop/melodic blend, which went viral after its release, taking the number one spot on the World Digital Songs Chart.

Riot revealed that they are releasing a spin-off group called True Damage, that will be expected to debut at the 2019 Worlds Final.