This Popular Male Idol Claims He Wants To Be The Next Idol To Get Married In His Group

He’s ready to get married!

Shinhwa‘s Lee Minwoo and Junjin appeared on Please Take Care Of My Refridgerator where they discussed their hopes and plan for marriage.


Out of the Shinhwa members, Eric was the first (and only one so far) to get married back in July 2017.


Junjin and Minwoo both claimed that they envied his married life.


When asked which member they believed would be the next to get married, Minwoo and Junjin both claimed it was them!


Minwoo explained that his older brother who is 12 years older than him already has a son who got married and also had a child. Minwoo’s technically a grandpa!


Watching his nephew grow up and have a child before him made him wonder if he was letting time slip past him.

It’s my first time talking about this on broadcast, but it’s amazing. A nephew that I adored watching him grow up now has a child.

It made me emotional. It made me wonder if I was letting time slip by.

— Lee Minwoo


He then suddenly looked straight at the camera and asked the world to reach out to him if they’re interested!

If anyone is interested in me… I’m looking for a good spouse.

— Lee Minwoo


Junjin also claimed that he wanted to get married soon, but he jokingly put it that he wants to get married sooner than his other members because he fears his members won’t give him as big of a present if he’s one of the last ones to get married!


Junjin also revealed a beautiful dream that the Shinhwa members once discussed about getting married and having a son from each member come together to make their own idol group! The 2nd generation of Shinhwa!


Hopefully, both these sweet heartthrobs will be able to find their forever partners and find bliss in their married life!

Source: isplus