Liza Koshy Couldn’t Stop Fangirling Over BTS During The AMAs And She Wasn’t Afraid To Admit It

Fans couldn’t get enough of her energy!

On November 22 (KST), BTS made history at the American Music Awards (AMAs) by becoming the first Asian act ever to win the Artist of the Year award. With their killer performances, ability to attract A-Listers, and gaining praise for their speech, BTS really did it all.

The members of BTS at the AMAs | K-Pop Herald

Of course, the night’s main event was the Artist of the Year award, and it was presented by actress, host, comedian, and YouTuber Liza Koshy! As she announced that BTS was the winner, fans couldn’t get enough of her reaction and energy, which seemed almost identical to those of ARMYs watching worldwide.

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Liza recently appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show with the true A-List ARMY Jimmy Fallon, and he asked her about that moment and what it was like announcing BTS as the award winners and where her amazing reaction came from.

Liza explained that BTS deservedly won the award, and the reaction she gave was involuntary, and even added that it looked more like she had won the award. Yet, although she seemed shocked, Liza explained that it was pure acting because she had already predicted the results.

That’s a little bit of acting there. I’m acting like I’m in total shock, but of course, they were going to win. They’re brilliant — such beast performers.

— Liza Koshy

If that wasn’t good enough, Liza was also lucky enough to meet the members backstage, and she didn’t have enough kind words to say about them.

I did this little, ‘Oh my gosh, Kings. I’m in the presence of royalty.’ And they all bowed at me, and I felt like a gust of wind. I was fed.

— Liza Koshy

If that wasn’t enough, neither she nor Jimmy could stop praising the members. She added, “They are unbelievable. They crushed it at the AMAs — they can do it all.”

Yet, it isn’t a surprise that Liza Koshy has proclaimed her ARMY status. During the AMAs, eagle-eyed viewers also spotted the actress showing her love for the group during their performance of “Butter.”

Fans couldn’t stop gushing about Liza after the ceremony and her interview with Jimmy Fallon, explaining that she was the perfect person to announce the award. There were some concerns that whoever read the results might not have had the enthusiasm, but Liza had it in bucket loads, and ARMYs loved her for that.

Although it isn’t certain that Liza has cemented herself as a true ARMY yet, the fact that she was so vocal about her support for them means a lot to fans. It was such a momentous day for ARMYs, and she made sure that the group felt that energy.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: The Tonight Show and ABC