Officials say they will take legal action should recent leak affect EXID promotions

Just recently, EXID‘s album jacket cover and tracklist were fully leaked to the public ahead of schedule, revealing the official tracklist.

Yedang Entertainment, who houses and manages girl group EXID, released a statement on April 4th on their official position on the leak saying, “On Friday, April 3rd, the thumbnail and tracklist of EXID’s 2nd mini-album ‘AH YEAH’ was leaked after it was on its way abroad for packaging.”

“Should the leaked material harm EXID from a successful comeback, we will take legal action and report this to the cyber crime lab.”

“EXID’s 2nd mini-album ‘AH YEAH’ will be released on April 13th at 12PM KST, so we ask the public give a lot of love and attention.”

EXID’s jacket cover and tracklist were leaked and posted online on several community websites.

Source: Asiae