Produce 48’s Miyazaki Miho Rumored To Receive Offer From JYP, Agencies Respond

Miyazaki Miho from “Produce48” is currently seeking a Korean label, and rumors claim she was contacted by JYP Entertainment.

Miyazaki Miho, a contestant appearing in Produce 48, is looking for a local agency to support her activities in South Korea. 


She remains a member of AKB48 Team A and is managed by HoriPro Entertainment in Japan. However, the agency revealed that they will not able to provide high quality support for her in Korea, as a preparation for her upcoming activities. 


A similar case would that be of an Korean artist signing exclusive contracts with local agencies in Japan to support their music release, promotions and performances. It is estmated that Miyazaki Miho is planning the same tactic in South Korea. 


She has become one of the favorite members in the program as she continues to survive each round with her talent and personality. She’s continually expressed her interest in Korean songs and proficiency of the language.


In the same statement, Miyaziko Miho’s agency also denied reports that she was contacted by a large-scale agency to join their girl group.


Fans claimed the “large-scale” labele was JYP Entertainment, after rampant online rumors circulated that they were aiming to recruit Produce 48 members for their new girl group. The rumor was shut down by JYP Entertainment.

“The rumors that we contacted Produce48’s contestants and eliminated contestants with offers is not true. We haven’t contacted any trainee, and we have no plans to.”

— JYP Entertainment 


If Miyazako Miho gets a slot as one of the debut members, she will definitely be needing a Korean representative. Only time will tell on which label she’ll be partnering up with in the future!

Source: OSEN (1) and (2)