Stephanie speaks about SM Entertainment’s hospitality on “Radio Star”

Guesting on a recent episode of Radio Star, female soloist Stephanie speaks about her own experience with SM Entertainment.

One of the first thoughts about SM Entertainment is how they allegedly treat their artists and the long length of their contracts. This is due to several scandals the agency has been experiencing in the past few years.

On September 9th, CSJH The Grace member Stephanie stated, “Not many companies can house and feed you when you’re not making them any money. SM did that for me, and the company I’m in right now ‘Mafia,’ I found through SM,” revealing that they had accommodated the duo Isak N Jiyeon, Go Ara, Park Hee Bon, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Stephanie, and 13 other employees as well.

Stephanie also spoke about Kim Kibum, who recently left SM Entertainment, and said, “I always think of Kibum as a little special because of the fact that I was a judge when he was in the U.S, we also trained together.”

In the same episode, she revealed about Girls’ Generation“I taught them how to dance.”

[+730 / -65] I remember them as the only girl group [CSJH The Grace] in which every member could sing and dance well. Not like other girl groups that have the visual member, the humorous member so on and so forth.

[+585 / -62] Of course they should do that much. Although they aren’t that big now they made them so much money in Korea and Japan. I remember when they came on a variety program while Girls’ Generation was still rookies. They asked fans to take care of Girls’ Generation while they were away in Japan. When they left, Girls’ Generation blew up and The Grace disappeared… I hope I can see the two groups perform together one day..

[+438 / -42] Stephanie has an abundant of charm. These are the kind of people who should be entertainers ㅋㅋ

Source: Newsen
Comments: Newsen via Nate