TXT’s Hueningkai Reveals One Of His Weaknesses Is One Of Yeonjun’s Biggest Strengths

“I feel like I’m lacking.”

TXT‘s Hueningkai recently revealed what he believes is one of his biggest weaknesses and it’s one of Yeonjun‘s greatest strengths.

During a conversation between Hueningkai and his hyungs, Hueningkai was asked which of the members’ strengths he wished he had.

Without much hesitation, Hueningkai revealed he desires Yeonjun’s confidence. Because he feels he’s still lacking in confidence, Hueningkai explained it would be nice if he could be like Yeonjun

I pick Yeonjun hyung’s confidence. There’s are many times when I have low confidence, so I want to try to have Yeonjun hyung’s confidence.

— Hueningkai

Hueningkai then adorably requested that Yeonjun hand over some of his confidence for him: “Please hand it over to me quickly!” Again, Hueningkai expressed, “I feel like I’m lacking confidence in my own skills.

Of course, Hueningkai’s fellow members made sure that he knew he is doing great despite what he believes about himself. Soobin, the group’s talented leader, reassured Hueningkai that he’s doing just fine and stated, “Hueningkai is doing a good job.

Check out the clip below: