Aespa’s Winter Was Super Mad At Karina When She Woke Her Up One Morning—Here’s Why

Winter revealed what caused her to get mad at Karina one day!

aespa‘s Winter and Karina are known to have been close friends ever since their trainee days at SM Entertainment, but even these close friends fight, as evidenced by a story Winter shared recently!

Karina and Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

aespa recently guested on Knowing Bros, where they graced fans with tons of variety content and covers that showed off their gorgeous vocals!


During one of the segments of the show, Winter revealed that when Karina came to wake her up one morning, she reacted in a way that made Karina extremely flustered, and asked the other members of the show to guess the reason behind her actions!

When I woke up, what did I do that made Karina flustered?


After fielding answers from everybody, Winter revealed that she actually got super mad at Karina and reacted coldly to her upon waking up…all because of a dream!

I really dream a lot. So I couldn’t make out the difference between dreams and reality, because I was tired. It was a deep dream, and it all felt so real. I fought with Karina in my dream.

So when she woke me up because I was late, saying ‘Minjeong [Winter’s real name], wake up!’, as soon as I woke up, I was like…I did that and I left.


Winter then clarified that as soon she had a bit more time to properly wake up, she immediately felt bad for getting angry at Karina for no reason!

She must have been very flustered, but I was so angry until then. I was washing my face and brushing my teeth, [and I thought] ‘Why was I upset?’ That’s when I thought of it!


Even after this hilarious “fight” the two girls are still close as ever!

| @aespa_official/Twitter

Watch her talk about it here!