ARMYs Find Evidence New BTS Era May Begin Soon

ARMYs are speculating that BTS may be releasing the music video for “Mic Drop” soon.

Some have spotted “Love Myself” blimps flying around various cities in South Korea…

Image Source: @jhopebase

…while one fan was lucky enough to spot Rap Monster and Jin eating with “Mic Drop” outfits and hairstyles.

Image Source: @jenalienV

Earlier this week, Rap Monster also tweeted two selfies of himself with the hashtag #BTSLoveMyself.

Big Hit Entertainment hasn’t officially announced anything yet…

Image Source: @jhopebase

…but fans believe they may be hinting about a new BTS era bound to come soon.

We hope they’re right and we get more BTS goodness sooner than we think!

Image Source: @stussyjimin