BIGBANG Members React Nervously Regarding Incoming Military Enlistment

It’s that time in their lives — BIGBANG members are face to face with mandatory 2-year service in the army.

On a recent episode of Livin’ the Double Life, Taeyang met with Daesung and Seungri for the first time in 6 months.

With each member busy with their personal schedules, the meeting was a welcome reunion, but the conversation quickly turned to pressing matters.

It started with Daesung and Taeyang talking about Akdong Musicians’ Lee Chan Hyuk, who enlisted earlier this year.

After poking fun at Lee Chan Hyuk’s uniform, Daesung said that he plans to enlist next year and Taeyang responded that they should enlist together.

Daesung: I’m planning to enlist next year.

Taeyang: Can’t we time it? We should go together.

Daesung: Yeah, I like that.

But that was about the last bit of coherent conversation they had on the subject because they began to show their nervousness about the subject.

While Daesung and Taeyang hummed weird tunes, Seungri bit his nails and kept drinking water and smiling at nothing in particular.

It’s speculated that Daesung, who’s 29, and Taeyang and G-Dragon, who are 30, will enlist late next year at the latest.

Though it’s tough to see friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time pressed to discuss such difficult matters, it’s remarkable how they’re fully willing to perform their duties!

Source: Insight