Jennie Made A Mistake On Stage And Everyone Agrees It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Even Jennie’s mistakes are adorable:

Mistakes are, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life. We’ve all suffered from an embarrassing moment or two, even K-Pop idols aren’t immune! But BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently had a mistake on stage that skipped embarrassing and went straight for cute!


Jennie and Lisa were recently spotted hanging out with Pharrell Williams at the Chanel Pharrell Williams Capsule Collection Launch Event. They stunned fans with their Instagram updates and later gave some fantastic performances that fired up the crowd! But it was during one of Jennie’s performances, that she hit a bit of a snag.


During one part of the event, Jennie took the stage to sing Frankie Valli‘s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. Jennie started off dancing along to the iconic instrumentals…


Before she opened her mouth to deliver the iconic song. There was only one problem, Jennie experienced a slight hiccup as soon as she tried to sing.


The quick hiccup was followed by one of Jennie’s trademark smiles before she successfully launched into the song and blew everyone away!


While Jennie’s performance of the song made many hearts flutter…


It was her mistake that caught the most attention but not for the reason you might expect. Everyone fell in love with how cute it was!


Jennie’s adorable mistakes has taken over the internet with so many netizens commenting on how Jennie can even make mistakes look cute!


But that’s just Jennie! The cutest!