BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has A Mission To Bring Joy To Others—Here’s How She Regroups When She’s Feeling Down

What does she do when she herself isn’t feeling happy?

With her bright smile and energetic personality, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa can always be relied on to lighten the mood and cheer others up.


In an interview with Billboard, Lisa was praised for her positive attitude around others. Even “LALISA” producer Teddy noticed that she always has a smile on her face!

With that in mind, the interviewer asked Lisa how she changes her mood on the days when she doesn’t feel like being energetic.

Your bandmates and collaborators describe you as a constant source of positivity and energy — in Light Up the Sky, Teddy says you always have an “‘It’s gonna be OK, we’re all good’ smile” on your face. But what about days when you aren’t feeling it? How do you turn the mood around?

— Billboard

Lisa revealed that her goal is to be joyful every single day, and she wants to share that happiness with everyone. The moment she starts feeling down, she regroups and changes her way of thinking.

I want to make sure every day is happy and joyful, and I want to make sure everyone around me feels the same way. If I start to have negative thoughts, I regroup and think, ‘OK, what should we do about this? Let’s solve it like this and move on.’ I try to make sure every day is like that so I can stay in a positive mood. Life is short!

— Lisa

She was then asked what helps cheer her up, whether it be music, snacks, or something else.

I was curious about the small things that help—the music or the snacks or whatever else you turn to in order to cheer yourself up.

— Billboard

As expected of Lisa, she chose “something else”—her cats! She feels better whenever she kisses them and sees their disgusted reaction.

Oh, well, I have my cats! When I feel down, I just kiss my cats. And my cats are like, ‘Ugh, I don’t want a kiss, don’t pet me!‘ That makes me feel better.

— Lisa

BLINKs always receive energy from Lisa, so her mission to bring joy to others can already be considered successful!

Source: Billboard