BTS’s Jin Thinks Talking On The Phone Is Scary And Introvert ARMYs Couldn’t Agree More

Relatable AF.

BTS returned to SiriusXM for another round of This or That and revealed what their preferences were!

They received a series of questions including summer or winter, coffee or tea, bathrobe or slippers and more. Out of all the preferences, one question in particular was so relatable to introvert ARMYs. They were asked whether they liked talking on the phone or texting.

The final outcome was 4:2 with most of the members preferring to talk on the phone. RM, Jimin, J-Hope, and V felt that it was easier to talk on the phone and that texting was bothersome.

Jungkook and Jin chose texting and Jin’s comment was the most relatable thing fans had heard that day.

Jin commented, “Talking on the phone is scary,” and all the introverts couldn’t agree more!

Watch the full video below to find out more about what BTS’s preferences are!