BTS And One Direction Filmed At The Same Location But Served Totally Different Vibes

One location, two very different music videos.

With a little imagination, BTS and One Direction transformed the same location into completely different sets!


In 2020, BTS filmed their cinematic music video for “ON” at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, a park located in Los Angeles County, California. The park’s most famous features are these rock formations, which have appeared in films since the 1930s.

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With the help of props, costumes, and CGI magic, BTS transformed the park into a dystopian landscape…

…that is reminiscent of The Maze Runner. 

At the end of a story rife with trials and triumphs, RM led BTS up the rocks, into a new chapter of their lives.


Back in 2014, the English-Irish band One Direction used the park as a backdrop for their “Steal My Girl” MV.

One Direction on set.

In this vibrant, playful video, the band parties with an entourage of dancers…

…sumo wrestlers…

…a marching band…

…and many more. Together, they turned a desert into paradise!

Check out BTS’s “ON” MV and One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” MV below:

Same Fit, Different Vibes