Dean Has A Wild New Neck Tattoo

Dean‘s bold new chest and neck tattoo bumped his cool factor up even further.

We are often led to believe that idols don’t get tattoos or piercings, but a surprising amount of them are inked, they just keep them hidden from the public. Even artists like Jay Park are required to cover up in public appearances.

Dean recently joined the tattoo crew with a beautiful black tattoo that streams from his chest up to his neck. The colorless vine has a contrast of blossoming flowers and dark smoky branches. The tattoo artist showed off Dean’s tatt on his Instagram with a caption explaining the meaning behind it. “The maehwa flower represents his mother.”

어머니를 상징하는 매화 수고하셨습니다 권혁씨?? 2016.12.21

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This stunning tatt just adds to his already charismatic look. Dean’s old-school-bad-boy vibes are raised 100% by his new ink.

Dean 2
His classic leather jacket, earring and swept over hair all give off a sort of Grease or 70’s bad body aura.
Even in low light the tattoo draws the eye and adds an interesting contrast to his pale skin.

Even Crush can’t resist showing off his Dean’s cool tattoo. Though he has a tough bad boy image Dean’s sweet personality is obvious as he smiles and lets his friend play with his neck ink.

Dean and Crush

Dean has continuously grown in popularity since debut. The multi-talented composer, songwriter, and singer released many great tracks and collaborations this year furthering his success. Dean’s latest album, 130 Mood: TRBL was featured as number five on Billboard‘s 10 Best K-pop Albums of 2016.