Dino Got Smashed With SEVENTEEN Members As Soon As He Turned Legal Age

Drinking with his hyungs is what Dino most looked forward to as an adult.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino celebrated his 19th birthday last month, and has evidently been enjoying his new adult status!


Dino and his groupmates were guests on JTBC2’s Amigo TV where, during the “fan-service time”, they answered questions from CARATS (SEVENTEEN’s official fandom) who tuned in. One fan asked Dino, “Now that you’re an adult, what do you most want to do now?


Dino’s response (that he wants to have drinks with his bandmates) was met with some laughter as, apparently, he’s already fulfilled that desire!


One of his bandmates declared, “I heard that there was this one time you drank very heavily…” implying that Dino got drunk with them on his birthday! Dino laughingly responded, “Sure, there was this one time… But there are so many hyungs, that even if I took one shot with each of them…” but he wasn’t able to finish the story through all the laughter!

Hope your hangover wasn’t too bad, Dino!