Girl Group Member Confesses She Was Once Casually Offered Drugs “That Make You Feel Good”

A fellow girl group member brought her a bottle of pills and asked if she wanted some.

Dal Shabet‘s Serri uploaded a video last month sharing dark stories of the Korean entertainment industry, one of which involved drug use among idols.

Serri brought up the recent drug scandals and expressed, “I was so surprised. Drugs are illegal. Since I was active in the entertainment industry with them, I’m shocked by what happened.

Serri then confessed, “I’ve been offered drugs before, too. A girl group member brought me a bottle of pills.

According to Serri, the girl group member asked, “They’re like vitamins. If you take them without taking them seriously, they’ll make you feel good. Do you want some?

But Serri refused and later saw that girl group member on the news for the use of illegal drugs.

Serri expressed her anger regarding the event by adding, “I want to hit her now. Why would she give that to me? If I was naive, I would have just taken them.

Source: Dispatch