Fans impressed by Tahiti Jisoo’s intense hip workout video

This clip of Tahiti’s Jisoo shows off her intense workout regime.

Considering their busy schedules and strict diet plans, it’s no surprise that idols in the Kpop industry have quite fit bodies. Their amazing figures can be attributed to many different factors such as intense schedules, diets, or simply good genes. However, one aspect that cannot be ignored is the hardcore workout regimes that idols go through.

One clip is recently gaining attention for showing the hard work that idols have to put in to achieve their seemingly perfect figures. The idol in this clip is Tahiti’s Jisoo, and she can be seen lifting heavy weights as part of her hip workout. Looking at this clip, it’s no wonder that Jisoo has such a great figure. Check out the short clip below!

Source: Gyfcat