GOT7’s Jackson Turned Into An Excited Fanboy When He Met His Childhood Idol

Jackson just couldn’t contain his excitement:

GOT7‘s Jackson has met with a lot of interesting, unique, and famous individuals while working as a host on China’s Go! Fridge, but no one has made Jackson have quite the same reaction as his childhood idol!


Jackson once revealed on an episode of the show that his childhood idol was none other than Chinese actress Yang Zi. At the time, Jackson cohost promised that if there was ever an opportunity to invite her onto the set then they would. And recently that promise was fulfilled!


During a recent episode of the show, Jackson finally got the chance to meet Yang Zi and immediately turned into an excited fanboy! From the moment he shook hands with her, his fanboy side was let loose and there was no going back!


From there, Jackson and turned into a bit shy around his idol. During one part of the show, Jackson and Yang Zi were tasked with looking at each other for 30 seconds but the task was too much for the poor fanboy who didn’t last more than a couple seconds!


When they tried again, Jackson lasted a little bit longer before losing once again!

Jackson: Can you not look at me? I’ll look at you.

Yang Zi: Then who am I looking at?

Jackson: Just kill me!


But eventually, Jackson was able to chase those shy vibes away and was able to fully enjoy his time with his childhood idol!


Check out some of Jackson’s fanboy moments in the video below: