Jungkook’s new shirt had fans chasing him with their cameras

BTS‘s Jungkook has been winning the hearts of A.R.M.Y.‘s everywhere and this look had fans swooning even more.

Fans were amazed by Jungkook’s visuals recently during a fan signing that took place after the group’s comeback stage for “Spring Day.” Jungkook, who usually has a much different and dark style, appeared wearing a baby blue shirt with an intricate white design on the top. He looked incredibly angelic in this outfit, and fans everywhere were praising him greatly.

Check out the angelic photos of Jungkook below:

Jungkook looks so cute with his Pikachu accessories.
He’s still a little camera-shy.
The skinship between BTS members is real.
So, so precious.
His gaze can make any A.R.M.Y. melt.
His stage presence is quite different from his aura at fansigns.
His innocence shines during fan events.

Jungkook also won hearts with his unique Harry Potter look as well.