Rookie Girl Group Banned After Disastrous Wardrobe “Malfunction”

Their music career was destroyed because of this…

This girl group were deemed to racy to perform on public broadcast, especially after multiple wardrobe “malfunctions”, and sexually controversial videos were released to the public.

Content Warning: This article contains images, embedded videos or content that may not be suitable for those under the age of 18+

In 2013, rookie girl group “Naked Girls” attempted to make their debut with an extremely sexualized concept. The three member group, signed under the label “Naked Entertainment” originally started as a performance group with a pop theme.

They quickly got a reputation for wearing revealing clothing while performing, and wardrobe malfunctions were very common. At times they would wear small, skin colored garments that made it appear they weren’t wearing anything. Additionally, their outfits would often be so revealing, that public broadcast stations would refuse to work with them.

They built the group’s concept around their name “Naked Girlsand did photoshoots and promotional videos, in which the members could even be seen revealing their breasts and performing sexually suggestive activities with each other.

Naked Girls held several public performances along with a large dance team consisting entirely of men, but eventually when they attempted to make an official debut, they faced difficulty getting onto public broadcast. With such a controversial promotional strategy, it was impossible to be accepted into music shows and public broadcasting, and eventually the group ceased promotions and disbanded.

Check out this documentary video on the “Naked Girls” below: