Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, Felix, And Changbin’s “Love Triangle” Came Right Out Of A K-Drama

There’s actually a lot of truth behind this hilarious metaphor.

Stray Kids are kicking off the newest season of their ongoing Two Kids Room series with a bang, adding laughter to those sweet moments when the members open up to each other.

In only the second episode of Two Kids Room+1Hyunjin, Felix, and Changbin couldn’t resist poking fun at themselves, explaining their situation like it was something straight out of a Korean drama.

When discussing his relationship with Felix, Changbin began with a statement that would have fan fiction writers paying close attention: “For Chang-Lix, I feel the one-sided love from him.” It was so unexpected, Hyunjin began to laugh while Felix asked, “One-sided love?”

Changbin explained that he could feel the affection that Felix showered him with, “I feel that, ‘I’m being loved by someone.'” He even gave an example of how Felix shows it, “Felix hugs me a lot. He obsesses over me.”

Although that could’ve sounded like something he’d made up, it was indeed factual. Felix acknowledged it, nodding his head and holding up a finger, “It’s true.”

Having explained his connection to Felix, Changbin turned his attention to Hyunjin. Their relationship dynamic was flipped. Changbin revealed, “That’s how I feel about it, and for Hyunjin, I’m the one who’s obsessed.”

Even though he’d said something so hilarious, Hyunjin was completely unbothered, munching on his snacks. That’s when Felix noticed an unexpected connection between them all.

Using his finger to draw three points of a triangle, Felix made the funniest comparison, “It’s like a love triangle then, and Hyunjin is at the top.” The person at the top of that triangle didn’t seem to agree, though.

Taking a break from eating his snacks, Hyunjin finally spoke up to bring them back to reality. “But Felix, I don’t think it’s a triangle. Isn’t it just love that’s never been fulfilled?” That question had all of them cracking up.

To put an end to the entertaining discussion, Changbin summed up his feelings about their K-Drama love triangle come to life. “With [Felix], I feel loving affection. With Hyunjin, I feel bittersweet affection.”

They could easily be characters in a K-Drama. If it were Boys Over Flowers, Hyunjin would be the unbothered Goo Jun Pyo, Changbin the confused Geum Jan Di, and Felix the sweet Yoon Ji Hoo. That would be a drama STAYs would like to see.

Watch them take a page from a K-Drama script and compare their friendships to a love triangle.

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