Jay Park Is A Man Of His Word As He Helps Dancer Honey J During Financially Difficult Times

She was really thankful to him.

Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter Honey J, who is also known as HolyBang’s leader and Jay Park’s choreographer, shared her story of how she was dealing during these difficult times due to COVID-19.

The host of YouTube channel Teuk TV asked how dancers were holding up during these difficult times. Honey J answered, “A lot to concerts have been canceled due to COVID-19. Realistically, we’re all having a hard time financially.” She also added that because she wanted to focus more on being a dancer who performs on stage, she had reduced the amount of dance lessons she was doing before COVID-19 hit, making her financial situation even harder. 

She revealed that Jay Park was a big help throughout the COVID-19 situation. “I joked to him to buy me just one meal a day because I didn’t have money, but he said, ‘I’ll find more work for you’, and I was thankful that he even said that.”

But it turns out that Jay Park really did find her more work to do during these hard times. “Truthfully, there are some stages where they don’t need dancers. But Jay purposefully brought dancers to those stages. Thanks to him I am able to make it through these days. I’m really thankful to him.”

Source: insight