TWICE Reveals Which Member Has Made The Most Mistake During “Alcohol-Free” Performances

Mistakes or not, TWICE is always stunning!

TWICE‘s JeongyeonDahyunMina, and Jihyo recently appeared as a guest on SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio show! During the episode, the members discussed their newest track “Alcohol-Free” as well as some other juicy secrets.

Every performance of TWICE is stunning, but of course, there are bound to be some cute mistakes here and there. The topic of mistakes came about when Dahyun read the comment that asked which members had made the most mistakes so far.

During the one week of promotions in music broadcast, who made the most mistakes while dancing? Is it Jihyo who got caught by Jeongyeon?

— Dahyun (reading question by fan)

The members giggled and Jihyo let out an adorable sigh. The show’s DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked whether Jeongyeon always has a sharp eye on noticing mistakes. Jeongyeon explained that after she saw Jihyo’s small mistake, the focus cam captured her laughing and smiling.

It’s not like that. Jihyo was going to my position that was the position I am supposed to go to. Then Jihyo was flustered like, ‘Ah’ and pulled herself together and went to her position. I laughed and the focus camera captured it.

— Jeongyeon

To defend herself, Jihyo commented, “I will try to explain this.” Jihyo revealed it was just a moment of confusion.

Verse 1, verse 2, verse 3, the choreography is all the same. So, in ve rse 1 we move to the left, and in verse 2 we move to the right. It’s something like this, but I was momentarily confused. Sometimes there are times when you suddenly go blank.

— Jihyo

Furthermore, Jihyo admitted that she made mistakes in every music broadcast within the first week and adorably apologized.

For all of the music broadcasts in the first week, I made mistakes 4 times in all of them.

—   Jihyo

Choi Hwa Jung stated, “Instead of making a mistake for 1 time, if it’s 4 times, isn’t that changing the choreography?” Because Jihyo “made one mistake every day,” she shared Jeonghan asked her, “Jihyo, why are you like this?” Jihyo also revealed she had to run as fast as she can to her correct spot in order to not bump into her fellow members.

ONCEs love TWICE’s gorgeous and flawless performances but we also love their cute small mistakes!

Check out the video below: