TXT’s Soobin Reveals If He Searches His Name Online And Reads Fan Comments

One thing’s for sure: he loves his fans!

Do K-Pop idols read what people say about them online? Sometimes yes, and oftentimes no. While they can get to see the praises of fans directly, the downside is that they can’t help but pass through hateful comments as well.

Somi reading news articles after her comeback 

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, TXT‘s Soobin answered this question as well. He revealed that he used to look up fan reactions when he debuted last 2019.

I did it so much that I was nicknamed the Search King when we were debuting.

— Soobin

He stopped doing so, however, after he repeatedly stumbled upon negative comments. It surprised him that something he said in the middle of a video would be taken the wrong way.

But I kept running into more and more hurtful comments. Sometimes I would be in the middle of talking and I would think, ‘Wait, someone said that they didn’t like it when I said this’ and such.

— Soobin

TXT’s Soobin

Because of this, he “decided to search [his] name less.”

At the same time, this has not completely stopped him from reading the kind messages sent his way. There’s one platform that he still enjoys: Weverse. Soobin considers it his safe space where he can see what his fans are thinking about at that moment.

[I thought that] if I can’t ignore the comments, it’s best not to look at them in the first place. Now, I tend to just go on Weverse when I wonder about how MOA thinks.

— Soobin

| Weverse

Even with his not-so-sweet experience online, Soobin still finds ways to interact with his real fans!

Source: Weverse Magazine