Park Hyung Sik Shares Photos From Beach Vacation With Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Cast

The cast and crew of JTBC‘s Strong Woman Do Bong Soon were whisked away on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Bali.

As Strong Woman Do Bong Soon aired its last episode last week, the cast and crew of the series were rewarded with a week-long paid vacation to Bali to celebrate their successful viewership rating of 9.7%.

According to an insider, Park Hyung Sik, Park Bo Young, Ji Soo, Kim Won Hae, and Lim Won Hee arrived in Bali on April 20.

Park Hyung Sik, who recently spoke about his true feelings for his co-star Park Bo Young, was the first to update his Instagram with photos of the trip, where he showed fans some of the beautiful scenery and made sure to thank the viewers for all their love and support.

Park Hyung Sik was all about thanking his fans while showing them some of the sights.

여러분들의 사랑덕분에 발리에서 좋은 시간을 보내고있습니다. 감사합니다. 사랑합니다!

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“I’m having a great time in Bali thanks to everyone’s love and support. Thank you. I love you!”

— Park Hyung Sik

Hyung Sik and Jisoo definitely earned some time to relax.

민혁과 국두. 민국이. 혁두. 민두. 혁국? 국민. 국혁. 두민. 두혁. 암튼 그렇습니다.

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“Min Hyuk and Gook Du. Min Gook. Hyuk Du. Min Du. Hyuk Gook? Gook Min. Gook Hyuk. Du Min. Du Hyuk. Anyway, that’s that.”

— Park Hyung Sik

And of course, they had to hit the beach too.

발리에서 하얗게 불태웠다. 덕분에 까맣게 탔다.

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“I went to Bali and had so much fun and thanks to Bali i’m tanned!”

— Park Hyung Sik

Source: SpoTV News