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Koreaboo Staff Music Picks: Song of the Year 20...

2013 was filled with an abundance of debuts, comebacks, concerts, and relationships, as well as some unfavorable news. However, without a doubt, there were thousands of Korean songs released this year!

Unfortunately, it is almost impossibl... Continue reading

[Updated] SMROOKIES: SM Entertainment's pre...

SM Entertainment has been releasing video and photo teasers for its new pre-debut team, SMROOKIES.

So far, fans have been introduced to Jeno (13), Seulgi (19), Jaehyun (16), Irene (22), Lami (10), and Taeyong (18). The videos show us a gl... Continue reading

"Love 911" is the most anticipated Kore...

"Love 911" (also known as "Bandages") has been ranked as the most anticipated Korean film to be released in December!

Starring actor Go Soo and actress Han Hyojoo, "Love 911" focuses on the relationship between a firefighter (Go Soo) and d...read more

Submitted: Dec 04 2012 04:05 PM by happyazngirl08

KARA members to become the characters of an ani...

Having just released their solo collection album, the five girls of KARA will soon become the characters of an animated film!

Temporarily titled "KARA: The Animation," the film is scheduled to be released during the group's KARASIA tour. I...read more

Submitted: Dec 03 2012 04:45 PM by happyazngirl08

"A Werewolf Boy" to be released in sele...

Attracting six million audiences after twenty-six days since its premiere, Korean film "A Werewolf Boy" is confirmed to be screened selected theatres across North America this weekend. On November 28th, it was announced that film will be released in se...read more

Submitted: Nov 29 2012 12:15 AM by ohgelie

"Wolf Boy-The Director's Cut" to be...

"Wolf Boy - The Director's Cut" is scheduled to be rereleased this December. CJ Entertainment confirmed that they will be releasing a new version of the film on December 27th, which will include new edits and possibly a new ending.

The di...read more

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 08:20 PM by ohgelie

ZE:A's Siwan confirmed for the film "Th...

After a successful run in the small screen, ZE:A's Siwan is confirmed to make his film debut in the film "The Boy Who Went to Wonderland." Star Empire Entertainment confirmed today that Siwan is signing on for the film while actress Goo Hyesun is still...read more

Submitted: Oct 29 2012 10:25 PM by ohgelie

Korean box office record breaker film "Masq...

Lee Byunghun's latest Korean historical film "Masquerade," in which he plays TWO roles, has been doing great in South Korea since its release on September 13th. For the last six weeks, "Masquerade" has topped the box office charts in South Korea with 1...read more

Submitted: Oct 24 2012 03:36 PM by Uni

"I AM: SMTOWN LIVE in Madison Square Garden...

The official release date to SMTOWN's film "I AM" has been revealed!

SM Entertainment will be releasing "I AM: SMTOWN Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden" early next month, which will not only feature the SMTOWN concert held in New Yo...read more

Submitted: Oct 24 2012 03:19 PM by Uni

Song Jihyo and Jaejoong's upcoming film ...

The official poster for the film "Jackal Comes" has been revealed!

Starring Song Jihyo and JYJ member Jaejoong, "Jackal Comes" is a comedy about a female killer (played by Song Jihyo) who tries to kidnap and murder a famous singer (played ...read more

Submitted: Oct 23 2012 01:15 AM by happyazngirl08

Poster for Song Joongki's upcoming film ...

The official poster for Song Joongki's upcoming film "A Werewolf Boy" has been released!

A film about the romantic relationship that develops between a werewolf (Song Joongki) and a human girl (Park Boyoung), "A Werewolf Boy" has been garn...read more

Submitted: Oct 15 2012 11:26 PM by happyazngirl08

U-Kiss member Dongho's latest film project...

Dongho's latest film project "Don't Cry Mommy" has been scheduled for release during the month of November. The film will first be premiered at this year's Busan International Film Festival ceremony.

"Don't Cry Mommy" was directed by Kim ...read more

Submitted: Oct 02 2012 04:03 AM by Nadia1887

Kim Soohyun to star in new film titled "Cov...

Kim Soohyun will soon begin filming for his new movie "Covertness."

Based on a popular webtoon series, "Covertness" will be about the identity crisis of a spy (Kim Soohyun) and his interactions with the village people that he encounters on...read more

Submitted: Oct 01 2012 11:30 AM by happyazngirl08

T.O.P to resume filming for "The Alumni...

After injuring his hand while filming for the movie "The Alumni," it was revealed that T.O.P is due to back on set after their concert in Singapore. On September 22nd, T.O.P injured his hand with a broken glass while filming a fight scene. He had to un...read more

Submitted: Sep 25 2012 08:45 PM by ohgelie

Park Shinhye appointed ambassador of the 49th D...

Recently, actress Park Shinhye was appointed ambassador for the 49th Daejong Film Awards. The appointment ceremony, which took place on September 13, was held at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul.

After the appointment ceremony, Park Shinhye was a...read more

Submitted: Sep 14 2012 01:35 AM by happyazngirl08

Song Joongki's character poster for "A ...

Recently, Song Joongki's character posters for his upcoming film "A Werewolf Boy" were released.

Shedding his pretty boy image, Song Joongki showed a more animalistic and wild side in the posters as his character in the film is half-werewo...read more

Submitted: Sep 14 2012 01:19 AM by happyazngirl08

So Jisub attends press conference for his upcom...

Recently, actor So Jisub attended a press conference for his upcoming film "A Company Man."

Starring actors So Jisub, Kwak Byeonggyu, Lee Miyeon, and ZE:A's Dongjun, "A Company Man" will be about a professional, cold-blooded killer (So Ji...read more

Submitted: Sep 13 2012 02:50 AM by happyazngirl08

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