[★FEATURE] Top 10 Moments of Running Man Episode #231

In episode 231, Yoomes Bond returns to Running Man after three years. However, he’s met with quite a plot twist! Check out our top 10 moments from this week’s episode below! 😀 Warning: spoilers ahead

1. Jaesuk’s reaction to the plot twist

Intro: “Ah yes, the legendary Yoomes Bond is back, returning after 2 successful missions…”

Jaesuk: nods approvingly

Intro continued: “will now be joined by a…successor!”

Jaesuk: But…but…this is my thing… (;¬д¬)

Running Man #231

2. RM’s 8am wake up call!

PD: brings ringing alarm clocks into the room

Rise and shine everybody to another beautiful day on Running Ma-

all 7 members burrow deep under their covers…

PD: =.=”

Jong Kook doesn’t even bother to turn off the alarm, instead he just stops it with his fingers ㅋㅋㅋ

Running Man #231

Running Man #231

3. Jong Kook’s overly dramatic doctor

Doctor: “Please…” crouching, hiding face in hands

Doctor: “If you save your life…” slides onto knees

Doctor: “You save mine too…” lying facedown on the floor

Jong Kook: (・□・;)

Running Man #231

4. Kwangsoo in Jaesuk’s eyes: “a tall guy with a face of a dog”

It’s okay Kwangsoo~ You’ll always be our Asia Prince *o*

Running Man #231

5. Kwangsoo’s vs. Jaesuk’s differing opinions on “Yoomes Bond”

Hearing Jaesuk talk about his role as Yoomes Bond, the hard work and his accomplishments, Kwangsoo interrupts him in mid speech asking why Jaesuk is talking about it so reverently. To this, Jaesuk only had to words for him, “Get out.”

Running Man #231

6. Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, and Haha dancing to EXID’s “Up and Down”

Though we knew this was coming, it couldn’t stop us from half laughing-half being frozen in shock.

Running Man #231

7. “You two are using cavemen methods [to rip off the nametag] compared to Jong Kook”

Gary and Kwangsoo struggling on the bed and T.V. ledge to tear it off

Jong Kook: I win! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Gary and Kwangsoo: (°o°;)

Well, he’s called the Commander for a reason haha

Running Man #231

8. Jaesuk’s not-so-moral Diamond-attaining reasoning

Jong Kook: “The rules say I can’t give you one”

Jaesuk:“But…stealing is allowed…”

Jong Kook: …

Running Man #231

9. Gary’s black door mission with a little (unwanted) help

It was hilarious to see Jaesuk and Kwangsoo messily trying to shoot Gary with the water pistol while stepping onto the trick floorboard and falling through the holes ᄏᄏᄏ Poor Gary, he was so excited when he thought he won…

Running Man #231

10. Kwangsoo’s final test

Yoomes Bond… is forever a legend in Running Man.

Running Man #231

What were your favorite moments in this episode? Let us know in the comments below 😀