Here Are 10 BTS Songs That Will Connect You To Your Emo Side

These songs will bring you lots of comfort.

BTS are known for their songs that connect people with their honest lyrics and raw emotions, and help put into words those feelings that otherwise seem elusive to you. Here are 10 of BTS’s songs that will truly strike a chord in you, and help you connect to the emotional side in you!

1. Spring Day

“Spring Day” is the first single released by BTS for their 2017 repackaged album, You Never Walk Alone. The lyrics speak of missing a loved one, and hoping for the cold days of longing to come to an end with the onset of much-awaited spring days, bringing comfort and aid to come to terms with loss.


2. 2!3!

2!3! is a track from their 2016 album Wings. The song lyrically speaks about making it through hard times, and keeping hope that good days are yet to come, and that they will come.


3. Young Forever

“Epilogue: Young Forever” was released as part of 3 tracks for the release of BTS’s 2016 compilation album titled The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. The track details the feelings of being young, and struggling with the concept of aging, while bringing comfort to this who face the same struggles.


4. Sea

“Sea” was released as part of their 2017 album Love Yourself: Her. The lyrics chronicle their fame, but also talk about the struggles of attaining their particular dream, with the lyrics stating “Where there is hope, there is hardship”.


5. Path

“Path” was released as part of the group’s debut album in 2013, 2 Cool 4 Skool. The lyrics speak about BTS struggling with the idol path that they chose, and detail the questions and doubts the members reserved about their career, while still continuing to push forward.

6. Moonchild

“Moonchild” is a track released as part of RM‘s 2018 mixtape, mono. The lyrics speak of accepting your emotions and letting them out, and knowing that your strengths are when you accept your weaknesses, and that your time will come eventually.

7. So Far Away

“So Far Away” is a single sung by members Suga, Jin and Jungkook. The lyrics speak about struggling with not having a dream, or even if you have one, not being able to pursue it due to many other reasons. Suga, Jin and Jungkook encourage the dreams of fans, and tell them to keep dreaming, and say, “may the end be prosperous”.

8. Singularity

“Singularity” was released as a teaser single by V, for their 2018 album Love Yourself: Tear. The lyrics speak of struggling with one’s true feelings, as represented by V donning a mask and hiding his face in the MV and at the end, asks himself, “Did I lose myself, or did I gain you?”

9. 4 o’clock

“4 o’clock” is a single by RM and V, released in 2017. The lyrics speak of the time just before dawn, where the long waiting for the morning is ended by the comfort of a person close to you.


10. Epiphany

“Epiphany” is a solo song released by Jin as part of the group’s 2018 album Love Yourself: Answer. Lyrically, the song speaks about the literal epiphany of love, and how to love others, you must first completely and wholly love and accept yourself first.