10 Genius Life Hacks Every Human Should Know

These are some common life hacks that people use in Korea for everything from studying harder, to getting more accomplished in a day… to even dating! Some of them are bound to come in useful for you too!

1. To tell if you’re dreaming or not, flick a light switch. Experts say lighting in dreams is static… so if the light doesn’t change, you’re dreaming.


2. If you have a lot to do in one day, do your least favorite thing first. You’re most productive in the morning so it’ll be easier, and you’ll go through the rest of the day happier!


3. Prevent your jewelry from tarnishing by leaving a piece of chalk in your jewelry box. Chalk absorbs water.


4. After drinking way too much soju, lie on a bed with one foot firmly planted on the floor. It will help you get your bearings, and reduce the dizziness.

…Planting one foot on a tree might work tooㅋㅋㅋㅋ


5. Faking confidence can influence your brain chemistry positively, and in turn you’ll actually become more confident.


6. If you’re sleepy and need to study more, hold your breath as long as possible and then let it out slowly. It increases your heart rate and will wake you up.

Sunny SNSD Bubble Gum GIF(2)


7. iPhone and Galaxy picture will be better quality if you take a picture and then zoom in, rather than zooming in and then taking the picture.


8. Can’t figure out what present to give your crush for Valentines/Birthday/Xmas? Tell her you got her something, and ask her to guess what… She’ll list things she’s been wanting.


9. Want to prank your friends? Freeze Mentos in ice-cubes. Serve them time-bomb sodas. ㅋㅋㅋ

Tiffany suggests you try it… ㅋㅋㅋ


10. Eating chocolate while studying is proven to help you retain information, and is linked with good test scores.