10 Idols Who Look Stunning With Freckles

Even though freckles are not such a common trait of Korean people, these stylists decided it’d be fun to try out freckles on idols! In various photoshoots and teasers, idols have been seen with what some call European or American styling, featuring freckles on white skin, and curly red hair, resembling natural red-heads. Here’s some idols who pull off the look great, and give us a hint of how idols might actually look like if they were of mixed ethnicity.

10. EXO – Xiumin
For EXO’s latest comeback teaser, Xiumin was seen looking very boyish in freckles. With messy hair, and dandy fashion he could pass as a London boy.


image_readtop_2015_268577_14269119851826125 (1)

9. Infinite – Sungyeol
Infinite’s Sungyeol was decorated with freckles for this photoshoot, and he pulls of the look great! But then again, when you’re as handsome as him, what doesn’t he pull off well?


8. SHINee – Key
For a photoshoot with Nylon TV Korea, Key had freckles drawn on with auburn colored hair. The look suited him so well that many fans thought the freckles looked natural. The photographer expressed his satisfaction, saying [Key] knows how to make detailed expressions with his eyes as well as each little body and hand movement. If I ask for a certain pose, he quickly and accurately understands and he does it 200% better.



7. f(x) – Sulli
For their comeback with Pinochio, Sulli pulled off a very innocent, yet captivating image that was accented with a couple freckles on her pale cheeks, and and light brown hair. The look gave her a very foreign and majestic feel, and it made her teaser photos stand out.


6. Kim Haneul
Actress Kim Haneul uploaded these pictures to her Instagram while doing a photoshoot. She referred to the freckles as “sesame seeds“.

kim haneul1

5. f(x) – Krystal
For their ‘Pink Tape’ album, Krystal’s teaser photos were striking and attention grabbing.   With bright red hair, pale skin and very natural looking freckles, she could almost pass for a natural red-head! In the picture below, the contrast between her loud, red hair and the blank stare in her eyes makes for a very rich and bittersweet feeling that is made just perfect with the presence of freckles on her face.





4. Infinite – L
For a magazine photoshoot, Infinite’s L’s face was sprinkled with freckles, which not only worked perfectly with the style, but also created a very unique feeling of chic and manliness that no one else but L could have pulled off.

infinite l1

3. Super Junior – Leeteuk
The comedian and leader of the group is mostly known for his big, bright smile. In this photoshoot, however, not only does he evoke a serious image, but the freckles on his face give off a childhood, innocent boy vibe that turns out to work very well.



2. KARA – Goo Hara
For the October 2014 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Goo Hara was photographed in a chic and classy environment. The freckles that have been added to her face give off a very sophisticated look, while still maintaining the innocent, pure look that she is known for.

goo hara1

1. Big Bang – G-Dragon 
Big Bang’s flashiest member and fashion guru G-Dragon had a photoshoot for Vogue Magazine’s 17th anniversary issue, where he was seen with gelled up, wavy blonde hair and freckles that was completely different from his normal style. Fans commented on this as well, posting comments like “He looks really different” and “He looks like a white person.”