10 Male Idols Who Have A Habit Of Touching Themselves In Public

While dance movies and key choreography are part of every male groups performance, there’s always one that has fangirls screaming.. the crotch grab! But these male just can’t seem to get enough of it. Here are 11 idols who are infamous for grabbing their crotches on AND off stage. Check out this list titled, “10 Male Idols Who Have A Habit Of Touching Themselves In Public”

1. EXO Kai the fierce beast

2. Block B Zico works it

3. Super Junior Donghae with the thrust


4. EXO Kai the machine


5. Beast Hyunseung O_O


6. The power!

7. Wu Yi Fan (Kris)


8. EXO Kai doin his thang



9. Teen Top Niel’s amazing body waves (and grabbing of crotches)

10. MBLAQ wearing gloves

11. Rain getting a little TOO passionate in this performance..


12. Kai appears to be stealthily inserting his hand into his pants and then…. OMG did he really just do that!?