Netizens claim this .gif is the most legendary for Red Velvet’s Irene

A netizen has shared a .gif of Red Velvet member Irene, claiming this is the “legendary” clip of the young idol as it captures her cute yet gorgeous side.

Shared on Pann, the short .gif features Irene as she looks teasingly at the camera, head resting on her arm with bright red lipstick on which suits her perfectly against her clear skin.

The netizen adds, “Red Velvet Irene just uploaded a legendary gif.”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet has seen quite a successful year with their promotions, recently picking up the “Best Dance Performance by a Female Group” and “UnionPay’s Song of the Year” for “Ice Cream Cake” at the 2015 MAMA. Additionally, they have won the “Best Female Dance” at the MelOn Music Awards.

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[+71, -5] My heart ㅠㅠ


[+63, -5] Mrs. Bae ㅠㅠ

[+63, -5] Ha Baechoo why you do thisㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+32,0] (saving the gif ….)

[+31, -1] You have to listen to the sound…she says “I miss you I miss you~~” and oh my god it gives even women heart attacks

Source: Pann