Rookie girl group Cosmic Girls show off their charm for “COSMOPOLITAN Korea”

Starship Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group Cosmic Girls posed for COSMOPOLITAN Korea prior to their official debut this February, unleashing their charm and beauty.

While not all of the girls were present for the pictorial, members who participated include EXY, Bona, Sungso (Cheng Xiao), Eunseo, SeolA, and Seonhee (Xuan Xi), all six donning white shorts and a long white shirt, revealing their shapely legs.

In a short interview with the fashion magazine, EXY revealed she drank antioxidants, berry acai drinks and vitamins daily to keep in good health, while Cheng Xiao revealed she was successful in her weight loss through diet and exercise, revealing SISTAR’s Bora as her icon for body shape.

Meanwhile, 12-member girl group Cosmic Girls, who is made up of both Korean and Chinese members, is preparing to debut sometimes in February.





Source: Sports donga