Yezi will blow you away with her solo track “Cider”

FIESTAR‘s Yezi blew everyone away with her “Crazy Dog” rap and continues the pattern in “Cider,” her official solo debut track.

Released on January 28th, Yezi’s solo maxi single Foresight Dream includes a total of five tracks including the title song and its instrumental “Cider,” “The Moon,” “Seh Seh Seh,” and in the online purchase only, “Crazy Dog.”

She works together with some of her Unpretty Rapstar 2 friends, San E, Ahn Soo Min, Gilme, and Kitti B as well.

In the music video, Yezi is sitting in the background on a sofa as backup dancers perform. Standing up and walking off set, Yezi begins to drop a rap about those who acted fake in front of her, not believing in her success, adding that her success is based on whether she wants it or not:

“Don’t worry about me, Focus on your business,” raps Yezi, “Why should I care about others? I’m the one who takes the results and costs […] So I do as I want, I’d rather choke myself instead of blame others. Do stop pretending like you’re worrying, I’m ready unlike your expectation.”