Koreans discover an upcoming actor whose popularity was far superior to EXO Kai’s in High School

Born Lee Il Min on August 31, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea to actor Lee Dong Jun and Yeom Hyo Suk, he graduated from Seoul Arts High School and is currently attending Hanyang University for Film and Theater.

About actor Lee Gal, formerly known as Lee Il Min.

Lee Gal, followed in his father’s footsteps as an actor and debuted in the 2009 MBC drama The Jewel Family (Assorted Gems) as the youngest son Gung Ho Bak. He recently changed his stage name to Lee Gal and has continued to pursue his acting career, appearing in the KBS television drama I Believe in Love in 2011 and making his film debut in the 2013 sports movie No Breathing with a small role as part of the ‘swimming club 2.’

On the recent episode of Happy Together he drew both surprise and laughter from the cast present revealing that he attended Seoul Arts School along side with many famous idols such as Suzy, Sulli, Hyeri, EXO Kai, Juniel and B1a4. He also revealed that believe it or not he was one of the most popular students in high school along side Juniel jokingly boasting that his popularity was much higher than that of Kai.

He also revealed that he naturally chose his career path as an actor from his father’s influence. “When I was young and my father was practicing, I would act other roles so he could practice his part and I learned a lot through such moments. My mother was extremely against this career path and I studied design in US for 4 years and then in China for a year. My family knew, however, that my talent lay in acting and they finally succumbed. At that point I returned to Korea and attended Seoul Arts High School.” 

He also revealed that his career had already been riddled with hardships and failures as at one point after successfully debuting through the hit drama “The Jewel Family” His company went bankrupt and he was left without an agency and a follow up role.

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Lee Gal recently appeared on Happy Together 3 with his father Lee Dong Jun. The same episode also starred I.O.I’s Jeon Somi and her father Matthew Douma as well as the singing sibling duo, Akdong Musician.

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