14 Signs That Taemin Is Actually Satan

Taemin may look like an innocent cutie, but the truth might be dark… very dark. Evidence has been found that Taemin’s true identity is actually Satan himself. Whoa, don’t be too shocked, but here’s proof:

See for yourself:

1. That insidious stare…

2. Don’t be fooled by his cute appearance, at the right moment he makes a ghastly face while doing the devil’s signal, the goat, with his left hand.


3. No this isn’t photoshopped. Taemin’s neck is actually doing that… ‘the power of christ compels you!’


4. Casually playing with Key’s life…
Taemin casually threatens key with a sword to his neck… all the while smiling. OMG


5. “I want your soul….”

6.  Definitely possessed -_-


7. Taemin’s profile was caught on camera looking like this. A pointy nose. A pushed back jawline. A roaring mouth shape. No doubt about it, he’s the lord of evil.


8. Taemin is seen in this picture looking very diabolic with his finger up his nose.


9. Stage cruelty
Don’t forget about the time he casually punched Key in the face while performing. Who could be so cruel to poor Key!? …and without even batting an eyelash O_O


10. And then when he got totally possessed like ‘exorcist’ on stage.

11. And then became the devil’s dancing puppet. Hypnotizing the audience with sinister dancing.  

12. When Key asked for a bite of ice-cream, he went and licked the entire thing.
Too evil for words O_O

13. Even his fashion is that of a dark lord….


14. When he admitted his true identity on stage…    omona :O


(Just kidding Taemin! We all know you’re the angel of love and happiness ^^)


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