14 year old Chloe Kim deemed as next Shaun White

Snowboarding child prodigy, Chloe Kim, deemed as the next Shaun White, is now gearing up for 2018 Olympic Games.Chloe Kim landed her first backflip at the tender age of 6 and then at 11 years old she was able to land a rare switch McTwist which is one and a half spins upside down, launched while riding backwards. This led to her becoming the youngest World Snowboard Tour champion of all time but sadly enough she was too young to join in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

In preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Chloe is now competing at the X Games Aspen. In an interview, her coach Ben Wisner says not to be fooled by her smiles because the young athlete is serious about her goal to win. Chloe was described to be humble, as she keeps her ambitions in check and was further quoted saying, “I try not to expect too much. I just want to land a run and not embarrass myself out there. The results will come later.”

Keep an eye out for this upcoming snowboarding star!

Source: Outside Online