1theK announces special event for “NO.MERCY” trainees

Do you want to see the NO.MERCY trainees engage in staring contests, arm wrestling matches and more? Then you should join 1theK‘s event where they will take on your suggestions in having the boys play fun and interactive games! 1theK announced this event through their Twitter page on December 18th as a chance for fans to get to know the Starship Entertainment trainees better.

All you have to do is follow @1theK and mention any games you want them to play with the hashtag, #NOMERCY. The prize for this event is a Christmas card from the Starship Entertainment trainees. Furthermore, you’ll be able to catch them do the events you suggested through their official Youtube channel. The event will start from December 18th up to December 19th.

NO.MERCY is currently airing on MNET and is a music survival show where Starship Entertainment looks to create a new boy group out of 12 trainees. It airs every Wednesday on MNET at 11PM KST and it is uploaded every Thursday on 1theK’s Youtube channel.