1theK releases “Let’s Dance – 2014 Special Edition” ft. Girl’s Day, Apink, VIXX, GOT7, and AOA

On December 30th, 1theK released the “Let’s Dance – 2014 Special Edition” featuring Girl’s Day, Apink, VIXX, GOT7, and AOAThe compilation video featured takes from the hottest dances to be featured on the “Let’s Dance” series this year, starting with the super sexy performance of Girl’s Day’s “Something.” Despite the serious tone of the dance’s concept, however, the girls showed their silly sides in the behind the scenes footage.

The video then cut to VIXX’s performance of “Eternity” on the show and featured a lot of deleted takes that showed the group laughing and joking around.

Apink’s “Mr. Chu” was next and featured many takes of the girls joking around with each other during the instructional sections of their “Let’s Dance.”

Compared to the girl groups, the guy groups seemeed to have more out takes. Like VIXX, GOT7 also had a lot of “NG” (No Good) takes and awkward scenes during their “Let’s Dance” for “Girls Girls Girls.”

Lastly, “Let’s Dance” shared some deleted scenes from AOA’s “Like a Cat” dance tutorial before revealing a compilation video featuring the different songs and dances by artists that were featured on the 1theK’s video series this year. The medley remixed the songs and dances, creating a lovely tribute to the year 2014.

Make sure to check out 1theK’s “Let’s Dance – 2014 Special Edition” below!